This Ginger Tea Recipe Has 5 Amazing Benefits

There is no perfect health super food but ginger comes pretty dang close. Ginger helps stimulate our digestion so that we don’t have abdominal pain or acid reflux that would come from slow gastric emptying. One stud found that ginger even helps deal with muscle soreness from exercising. For many, ginger helps them settle their stomach so they can have less motion sickness or nausea symptoms. Ginger has also been shown to help with PMS pain and symptoms. Lastly, ginger has shown to be good for the brain and overall cognitive health. Ginger sure does help with almost the entire body.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ginger is an underground rhizome, native to Asia and a popular addition to many dishes.
  • Ginger can counteract pain stimuli in the body and lessen inflammation after a vigorous workout.
  • Research and anecdotal data asserts that ginger is efficacious for both nausea and menstrual pain.

“For starters, consuming fresh or powdered ginger can support healthier digestion and lessen discomfort after eating. Researchers found that consuming ginger before a meal can actually stimulate digestion by speeding up the amount of time your stomach needs to empty its food contents to the small intestine.”

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