Need to Focus? Try These 10 Essential Oils Instead of Espresso

When you really need to get things done but feel like a cup of coffee just isn’t enough to keep you up, then essential oils must be your new best friend. Although most of these oils are known for their relaxing and calming properties, like lavender, etc., you should also know that there are certain oils that can help in stimulating your brain almost immediately, resulting in better focus—and sometimes a little mood boost, too. Once used correctly, these oils just might be your saving grace.

Check out 10 essential oils best for concentration:

  1. Rosemary
  2. Lavender
  3. Peppermint
  4. Cypress
  5. Lemon
  6. Basil
  7. Ylang-Ylang
  8. Frankincense
  9. Sandalwood
  10. Sage

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