Essential Oils and Young Living

Did you know that your sense of smell is the only sense that has a direct connection to your brain?

The aroma of essential oils, when inhaled, can actually stimulate a part of your brain, specifically your limbic system, that plays a vital role in your emotions, behaviors, sense of smell, and long-term memory.

In this page, you will learn about the following:

  1. The science behind essential oils
  2. The benefits of essential oils
  3. What makes Young Living’s essential oils special?

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that carry the natural scent and components of their source. These are extracted through steam distillation and mechanical pressing. Furthermore, it is important to note that each essential oil offers a variety of components, benefits, absorption, and effects on one’s body.

What are its benefits?

Although essential oils are highly used in the field of aromatherapy or smell, its beauty doesn’t stop there. In fact, it can still work even when you can’t smell it. At home, it can be used as a safe and useful alternative for harsh chemical products that are detrimental to your family’s health. It can also be incorporated into your vitamins or even skincare in order to achieve not just radiant skin, but as well as overall wellness.

A few others incorporate essential oils in gardening.

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Young Living essential oils

About Young Living

Young Living is a company with the ultimate mission to provide products for healthier homes, and a healthier world. With their careful system, they claim to produce only but the best essential oils in the world.

Young Living’s products

The products are mainly divided into 4 categories:

  • Essential oils and blends
  • At home
  • Healthy and fit
  • Diffusers and accessories
Young Living Essential Oils  - Products

What makes Young Living special?

The company established the standard now known as Seed to SealĀ®, a commitment to ensure quality production process. Additionally, all their essential oils and blends are natural and are harvested from their own Young Living farms. With the company’s every step directed towards providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, with the infusion of beneficial essential oils, it is clear how Young Life only wants what’s best and provide what’s best.



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