12 best essential oil for cough

12 best essential oil for cough 1

Essential oil for cough is somehow a part of every household’s first aid kit. Since cough is a common condition that may occur at any point in time just like colds and flu, getting ready at all times is a must. Cough comes with numerous signs and symptoms such as sore throat, hoarseness of voice, … Read more

5 Essential Oil for Headache


Essential oil for headache is now popular at present because people are now conscious of choosing the best and safest remedy to give the fastest relief. Especially now during the pandemic, as much as possible we want to strengthen our immune system by using only natural products. A growing number of people are now aware … Read more

5 Essential Oils that Ease Period Pain


Having your monthly period can be a source of discomfort. Although the degree of discomfort is tolerable, some women experience extreme pain and cramps for some reason. Taking pain reliever medications seems to be the only way to ease the agony. However, there also others who don’t want to rely on drugs because they believe … Read more