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7 unique recipes you can make with oats

There are some unique recipes out there that you can try and you don’t have to get into the same old routine where you are cooking the same things over again even with similar ingredients that you may have on hand. Oats are something you might have on hand and you can make a lot of different dishes with them, like granola, or a smoothie. You don’t have to just focus on sweet with this ingredient, you can also make a savory dish out of the oats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oatmeal isn’t just for those of us with sweet tooths. It can also be made into a savory dish, perfect for breakfast or lunch!
  • While we know experts recommend following our normal routines, especially in the morning, it can be nice to sleep in even if it means waking up just moments before your first Zoom meeting.
  • You can add oats directly to your blender or mix them into your smoothie at the end for added texture.

“If you’re feeling sluggish or need a bit more energy to get through the day, these oat energy bites will give you the boost your body needs to have a productive day. This recipe is simple, versatile and doesn’t require any cooking. It also allows you the freedom to use whatever mix-ins you may have on hand.”

Read more: https://www.colorado.edu/health/2020/04/06/7-unique-recipes-you-can-make-oats

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