21 Amazing Facts About Probiotics

Probiotics are so prevalent that they come in the form of functional beverages, supplements, and food in various business sectors. Because of its known benefits, people go nuts trying on different merchandise just to land on the most effective product. But what is with probiotics that you just don’t know yet?

Here are 21 amazing facts about probiotics:

  • Probiotics In Our Body Outweigh Our Brain
  • There Are 10 Times More Probiotics Than Cells In Our Body
  • The Probiotics Market Is Huge
  • Probiotics Live Throughout Our Entire Body (Not Just Our Stomach!)
  • The Appendix Is Not Useless – It Incubates Probiotics
  • Probiotics Fight Cancer, Colds and Constipation
  • There Are More Than 100 (known) Benefits To Taking Probiotics
  • Probiotics Are Responsible For 70% Of Our Immune Response
  • Probiotics Produce Antibiotic Chemicals
  • Antibiotics Nuke Our Body’s Immune System
  • Probiotics Easily Kill Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
  • Probiotics Will Be The 21st Century’s Antibiotics
  • 400 Strains Of Probiotics Live In Our Bodies
  • Probiotics Are Bacteria And Fungi That Make Us Healthy
  • Probiotic Foods Have Been Healing For Millennia
  • Probiotics Can Decrease Lactose Intolerance
  • Are You Getting Your Vitamins? Better Get Your Probiotics.
  • Supplemented Probiotics Don’t Remain In The Body
  • Vaginal Birth Is Our First Dose of Probiotics
  • Probiotics Are Good For Infants
  • Probiotics Are Vital For Women’s Health

For more amazing probiotic facts, check this out: https://probiotics.org/amazing-facts/

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